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1. Responsible for the management of product channel sales, maintain existing customer relationships, explore customer needs and expand sales performance; 
2. Explore customer leads, understand customer needs and provide valuable solutions; 
3. Follow up important Customer relationship and orders, and actively complete the sales task; 
4, collect all kinds of relevant market sales information, timely feedback customer resource information, put forward effective sales advice; 
5, keep abreast of developments in the industry and put forward rationalization; 
6, superior leadership delivery Other daily work. 

1,35 years of age, college education, marketing professional priority; 
2, 2 years of sales experience; bearing product-related industry sales experience is preferred; 
3, familiar with the B2B sales model; 
4, with strong business negotiation And independent market development ability; good marketing strategy and sales skills; 
5, good communication skills, coordination and team spirit; 
6, extroverted, strong dedication and the desire to pursue high salaries; 
7, Worked hard, hardworking, strong affinity.