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Most metallurgical machinery in the field of steel are to run at high temperature, high load, high pollution, such parts will be imported bearings will be increased accordingly, you need to meet the high temperature, high load, high corrosion resistance of special bearings, In order to ensure the continuous safe operation of the spindle to ensure the smooth progress of production. SKF has developed a series of high temperature sealed spherical roller bearings for use in harsh environments that feature rubber seals on both sides to ensure safe operation of the bearing raceways in a dust-free environment and to prevent grease Of the leakage, with dust, water, high temperature and pressure, heavy load, etc., but also open and suitable for specific applications of high temperature bearings, -40 to +350 degrees in the working conditions can be continuous safe operation, which SKF bearings are attractive features, can not be replaced in many demanding applications, SKF in the field of steel is made an important contribution.


Mining, beneficiation and cement 
mining, mineral processing and cement industries make a significant contribution to the standard of living around the world. Products from these industries are used in many areas, including transportation, engineering, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. This area is as much about safety and the environment as other businesses, emphasizing productivity, cost control and profitability. Over the years, SKF solutions have been applied by manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in these fields. SKF is a strong partner based on experience and expertise in bearings, seals, service, lubrication systems and mechatronics. Helping to increase productivity, reduce costs, protect the environment and employee safety.


SKF bearings used in wind power
Managing Wind Power 
SKF is committed to promoting the design and development of bearings, seals and lubrication systems to increase the cost-effectiveness of wind power. Today's wind turbines are installed in a harsh remote environment, the future of wind farms are likely to have to face more harsh conditions. SKF engineers work with OEMs and operators to provide a variety of specialized solutions that optimize the reliability and performance of new and existing wind turbine designs. The cumulative global installed capacity of wind energy increased from 11,000 MW in 1999 to 94,000 MW in 2007. By 2012 it is estimated to be close to 280,000 MW.


SKF is the world's leading supplier of a wide range of aerospace solutions including bearings, seals, tie rods, stays, precision flexible products and fly-by-wire handling equipment for aircraft bodies, aircraft engines and gearboxes. SKF Aerospace serves all clients in the aerospace industry around the world and supports them in developing new projects. From major customers to their suppliers, from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to MRO repair and maintenance companies, SKF supplies reliable spare parts, a complete overhaul service, and high-performance alloy steels for aerospace applications. More than 2,600 employees work in 10 factories to provide you with the most innovative solutions with over 100 years of experience in the aerospace industry.

SKF bearings in harsh environments


rail transport is a high-tech growth industry. SKF's leading position in the global railway industry has the following advantages: Stable partnership with global and local customers SKF is a system supplier of sensor-equipped wheel bearings and housings for speed, temperature and vibration detection SKF SKF, a complete set of equipment solutions for bearings solutions for traction motors and gearboxes SKF has a dedicated test center approved by several authorities for endurance testing and collaborative testing Technology innovations and knowledge Available to the global rail industry, providing the best Local resources for customer service capabilities


SKF bearings for sustainable growth

harsh working environment and overloading of agriculture are no longer the only factors that are putting tremendous pressure on farm machinery and equipment today. In addition to the constant demands on end-users for better performance and cost-effectiveness, these conditions pose a significant challenge to original equipment manufacturers. SKF is a competitive engineering partner providing advanced application capabilities and a host of innovative and sustainable solutions. To achieve the best results, we offer a wide range of options ranging from the right fit and tailor made solutions to proven standard products and solutions.